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About Us


The Restaurant

Martell's is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a delicious selection of menu items. Situated in a locale with over 50 years of history, we're inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Since our rebrand from The Black Swan in 2009, we have developed a unique dining experience for all our guests using fresh and delicious ingredients taking you on a culinary journey like no other. Each dish reflects our passion for high-quality food presented in a simple yet pleasing manner. Dive right in, and take a bite; join us today.

Our Community

Overlooking Willow Lake, Martell’s was developed and remains an amenity to

the Parkview Hills community. 

It is our privilege and honor to serve you.

Cheers to all the regulars! 

Jodie's Sayings

Stop by our bar to hear the best bartender's wisdom on life, love, and other mysteries.

Check back on our slideshow on the right

for some of our favorite sayings. 

Our Team


General Manager


Assistant General Manager


Executive Chef


Sous Chef

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